Women and Popular Culture(s) in the Anglophone Worlds : 1945-2015 > Unbinding Gender and Sexuality in Ryan Murphy’s Asylum

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Ouverture du colloqueWomen and Popular Culture(s) in the Anglophone Worlds (...)

Motherhood, Maternal Representation and Popular Culture

The Representation of Arab/Muslim Women in American Popular Culture : (...)


She Ain’t No Lady : Women and Blaxploitation

Unbinding Gender and Sexuality in Ryan Murphy’s Asylum

Discussion 1


Against the Silencing Politics or TMI or Creating Spaces for ‘Disgusting’ (...)

Female Strippers ! Women Cartoonists in the US

Discussion 2


Stars en chute libre : la profanation à l’œuvre dans le popular feminism (...)

La princesse et la fée : deux icônes de la féminité juvénile

Discussion 3


Disconnected Heroines, Global Femininities : Bron/Broen (The Bridge) and (...)

Women and Space in the Neoliberal American City : Using and Manipulating (...)

Ideology of Consumption and Imageries of Women in US Series : a Semiotic (...)


From Cagney and Lacey to Rizzoli and Isles : Is There such a Thing as a (...)

Discussion 4

Ecofeminism and Ecopsychology : Counter-Cultural Proposals toward a (...)


Women’s Representations in Fashion Magazines at the Turning Point of the (...)

Forever the Woman to Beat : Margaret Thatcher, Political Strong(wo)man and (...)

Discussion 5


Representing Early Modern Women through Modern Popular Culture

Dolorous Lilith, Lolita, on Page, Screen, and in Graphic Novels

Discussion 6 et conclusion générale